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Dealing with us is as simple as 1.2.3. 

         You enquire

         We estimate 

         We do all the hard work

         You sit back and relax! 


Professional Interior Design Services by Building Intelligent Construction 

Interior Design is one of the most creative services that Building Intelligent Construction Ltd provides in London, United Kingdom. We make sure every detail is precisely discussed with home owners in order to create your adorable home improvement and interior design project. Thanks to our artisan, qualified, professional and experienced skills we manage to accomplish any kind of building and construction project in a perfect way that satisfies your highest standards.

Our building company has the abilities and the competence to make real your idea for the perfect home where your family enjoys little, special and important moments. Choosing to change, remodel or renovate the Interior Design, you should be 100% sure you work in a professional partnership with the best interior designer in UK.

Find more information below.

When people talk about home improvement, they always need different kinds of building, renovation and design services in order to create and fit their idea in real life. A big part of our society has the desire to live in a comfortable, calm, well-organised and perfectly designed home. However, sometimes we need a little help in order to create this atmosphere. You may have an incredible idea and a great concept about your house project but in case you face any kind of difficulties, we are here to help and give you professional support.

There are different interior designs projects especially when we talk about budget and resources. With more than 18 years of experience we have managed to successfully finish more than 98 interior design projects. So based on our know-how here is what you need to know about these kinds of home improvement projects.

Depending on the budget and the concept you have as a homeowner or business client, the interior design project might be created, accomplished and calculated in a variety of ways. Some ideas for interior design are good looking, fresh, modern, stylish and at the same time - affordable. On the other hand, there are luxury interior design projects that need more financial resources and a higher budget to be accomplished. However, our professional building and home improvement company have the experience and the knowledge to make your dream project with the budget you have decided to spend. 

Of course, each interior design project has its specifications and we need to discuss all details about it. This communication process will help us to understand your idea and to provide you with professional feedback. We should find the perfect balance between what customer wants and the way we can get it. 

Our company always encourages customers to share opinions, ideas, even thoughts about the big picture because it is extremely important for our method of work and the interior design process. Both kinds of projects are reliable and achievable. In other words, if you need an affordable interior design project - we are ready to help with artisan, master skills and knowledge. On the other hand, if you dream for the most perfect, luxury interior design - we have the needed qualities, materials, know-how and experience to create your cherished dream true.

Interior Design is one of the most creative services that Building Intelligent Construction Ltd provides in London, United Kingdom. We make sure every detail is precisely discussed with home owners in order to create your adorable home improvement and interior design project. Thanks to our artisan, qualified, professional and experienced skills we manage to accomplish any kind of building and construction project in a perfect way that satisfies your highest standards.

Our building company has the abilities and the competence to make real your idea for the perfect home where your family enjoys little, special and important moments. Choosing to change, remodel or renovate the Interior Design, you should be 100% sure you work in a professional partnership with the best interior designer in UK.


Masterful House Extensions, and Loft Renovations Services by Building Intelligent Construction 

With our ability to follow architectural plans and drawings, we take a careful approach to work with its structure and specifications in a professional way. Furthermore, we pay great attention to details. Our team's creative skills in conjunction with coordination and practical, experienced skills for using tools allow us to measure areas accurately and achieve excellent results that comply with all the H&S regulations of UK law. 

We do not sketch your idea and just make it real. We provide master services but first of all, we discuss carefully the whole project with its tiny details because we strongly believe that good communication leads to perfect results. We plan how to build, construct, reconstruct, develop and finish your ideas by providing skills, masterful techniques and excellent materials.

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Perfectly Done House Extensions & Loft Renovations by BIC, Extra​ Information About The Service

House Extension and Loft Renovation are services provided by professional building companies.They are focused on reconstructing and refreshing customer's house by creating new space for enjoying life. Orangery, for example, is part of house extension projects. Another example can be any kind of gardens such as a roof garden and a botanical garden. A carport with walls, windows and a good look is also part of the house extension projects.  

As you can see, house extensions are compatible with your ideas for expanding house areas or for creating a useful space around them. When clients decide to get a quote for this kind of building and construction services we always do our best to communicate the working process correctly. We just not provide excellently done services but give you feedback for each part of the project. One of the supervisors are always on the building site in order to be sure everything is going well and in a professional way. 

Kitchen renovation.png

Excellent Kitchen Renovations Services by Building Intelligent Construction 

With over 19 years of experience in the UK home improvement industry, we have proved ourselves to be a reliable and Eco-friendly construction company. We thoroughly undertake all aspects of every kitchen renovation project. Whether it is about to tear out the entire kitchen or install a new bespoke worktop, we have professional, artisan skills to bring your idea to life.

There are different kinds of services that are related to Kitchen Renovations. For example, when a client wants just a light home repair, we communicate what your main need is and how we can create the idea in a professional way by providing excellent services, qualified skills and know-how.

Find more information below.

Professional Kitchen Renovation and Remodelling Services by BIC 

Home improvement and refurbishment processes are supposed to be creative, which simply means that if you work with the right building company, your kitchen will be more than just perfect. Sometimes people are not certain what to do but they have an idea of what they want to live in.

For instance, you might have seen a vintage kitchen photo but you do not know how to make a similar project in your home. That is how we get to a point when you need to discuss this idea with talented, skilled and experienced masters. These professionals know what really happens behind the scenes. They have quality solutions and creative suggestions which you might be interested in. 

Kitchen renovation is a complex of various services such as:

  • Dismantling elements of an old kitchen and electrical appliances;

  • Reorganization of kitchen space;

  • Tile glueing services;

  • Grouting;

  • Plumbing services;

  • Installation of lighting and led lamps;

  • Installation of appliances;

  • Connecting sockets;

  • Electrical services;

  • Measuring dimensions for a new kitchen;

  • Installation of a new kitchen.

  • Using correct paint for the kitchen etc.

As you can see every kitchen renovation project can be dived into several light services that are vital for the final results. That's why we always pay attention to every tiny detail. Plus, we communicate during the customer's kitchen renovation process because excellent, well-done work is based on relevant feedback and communication.

High Quality Bathroom Innovation Renovations Services by Building Intelligent Construction

Best Bathroom Renovations are supposed to be perfectly done with professionalism, talent and skills. As a growing leader in the building, construction and home improvement industry, we provide our customers precise quality, experienced know-how, creative ideas and amazing final results. Bathroom renovations in London are with different styles, design and preferences depending on your lifestyle, point of view and desires.
Our team of bath experts manages to communicate in a professional way what the customer likes and wants. This communication process is extremely helpful for the method of work, whole bathroom project and final results.

Find more information below. 

The Best Bathroom Renovations and Remodelling Services by BIC Ltd ◾ Why to Choose Us as a Professional Building Partner


Generally speaking, Bathroom Renovations are focused not only on changing parts of the bathroom but mostly on remodelling, refreshing the design and creating organized space. When a customer make a decision to start bathroom renovation process, should be familiar with some specifications about the whole project. As bath experts we provide you what bathroom services could be included in your project.

With more than 19 years of experience we have distinguished several micro and detailed bathroom services, which are part of the whole bathroom renovation process:

  • Creating a plan and organised method of work;

  • Make safe and disconnect all sanitary appliances and electrical points;

  • Breaking strip out the tiles;

  • Removing of crashed materials of the old bathroom;

  • Cleaning the bathroom space before starting construction/renovation process;

  • Fixing plumbing problems if it is needed;

  • Providing plumbing and electrical services when is needed;

  • Stating the main bathroom remodelling/renovation process;

  • Water proof floor and walls;

  • Painthing and decorating ceiling and walls etc.;

  • Gluing tiles and tilling;

  • Grouting;

  • Cleaning;

  • Installation of shower cabins and bathtubs;

  • Installation of sanitary ware;

  • Installation of accessories;

  • Installation of lighting fixtures;

  • Electrical services;

  • Seal all around with the appropriate silicone;

  • Device test;

  • Providing bathroom renovation feedback and a bathroom checklist of work done.


As you have already seen, we really execute our professional services with great pleasure, enthusiasm and experience. Furthermore, by choosing our building, construction and home improvement company, based in London, you do not need to worry about anything. During the whole bathroom renovation process our manager is there in order to observe what our skilled master builders do. He has a main and vital role for the perfectly finished bathroom remodelling. If customers or home owners have any questions, they can always ask and be sure they will get accurate, relevant answers by a professional project manager.

We pay attention on details. We value your time, ideas and home. Our main goal is to successfully done the bathroom renovation project and to create a beautiful, calm atmosphere in your house space. Building Intelligent Construction Ltd is a growing leader with more than 267 happy families that have already chosen us to create their home in a perfect way. See our gallery of finished projects. In addition, if you want to see bathroom renovation before and after image collection, please check our portfolio section. We have created interesting video content for you. Enjoy your trip in our website and feel free to contact us or send a message.


High Quality Painting, Decorating & Spraying Services by Building Intelligent Construction

When it comes to choosing which colours to paint the wall in your home with, it means that we are on the final line with the home improvement process. Every professional building and renovation company in London should provide high quality painting, decorating and spraying services like we do. Stylish walls, combined with good looking interior design are an affordable way to create a fresh, colourful and modern style at home.

Painting and spraying services are supposed to be carefully done by pro masters with experience, knowledge and artisan skills. Building Intelligent Construction Ltd provides excellent and masterful services in London with more than 18 years of experience.

Find more information below.

We value the high quality in all aspects of well done painting, decorating and spraying projects. We always do our best to create a balance between customers ideas and desires and the way the work has to be done

Patio and Roof.png

High-Quality Patio and Roof Services by Building Intelligent Construction

We have been converting old-looking roofs into lounges and patios since 2008. Today, our skilled and experienced team is even more professional based on the high recommendations of our happy clients. We can create every roof into an impressive relax zone or perfect space for the late coffee and work breaks. Our experts have imagination and creativity to suggest appropriate ideas for the roof regarding the budget and customer's preferences. In addition, the patio services in London that our building company provides are high-quality and well-done, leaving the client surprised by the final results. Get in touch with our expert for consultation!

Find more information below.

Amazing Patio & Roof Designs by BIC Ltd ◾What You Can Expect From Our Skilled Team

Building Intelligent Construction Ltd is a growing leader in the building and construction industry in London, covering all areas of the city. Thanks to our practical experience we have gained knowledge, know-how and qualities, which have a huge impact on our well-done and successfully finished patio and roof projects. Our company can customize every space regarding the needs of the customer. We do not only execute our tasks, we invest effort, passion and talent in each detail from the decking, through the exterior to the finishing layers. We plan, organise, make a stable and flexible method of work and start the whole process with professional equipment, instruments, tools and professionalism. 

For instance, our very first project was for the TV company where we renovated the roof and turned it into a green garden with summer furniture and greenery pots. If you are after converting your boring-looking roof or patio into a functional space, get in touch today for your no-obligation quote. 


Bespoke Carpentry Works



Excellent Bespoke Carpentry Works and Services by Building Intelligent Construction Ltd

Bespoke residential building and planning saves your time and money. Rather than employing a number of different firms it is better to use our expertise and excellent resourcing facilities to make your house a home.

Find more information below.

The Bespoke carpentry service is one of the most enjoyable one for Us. As we do a lot of different products and work with pleasure and high quality materials and finishes.

From bespoke machine cut and made furthers to hand made furnishers from all sorts of materials and combinations with Natural wood, Mdf , Metal , Glass , Stainless steel, Natural stones etc. 

Just let us know what kind of dream Table you dreamt off or any other product and we will made it for you.

New Build .JPG

New Build Homes and Constructions by Building Intelligent Construction

We are more than happy to Build your Dream Home.


Professional Commercial and Residential Doff and Cold Cleaning 

Privet Services By Building Intelligent Construction

Our Excellent, and High-Quality Private Services for Our Customers

Building Intelligent Construction Ltd is a building and construction company based in London, United Kingdom. We provide excellent and high-quality services to your standards. Our professional team is always ready to get the hard work done and make your cherished dream come true. With more than 19 years experience our company meet the queries of customers and we have been doing our best to satisfy all of them in every professional aspect. 

Find More Here about our private services. Furthermore, any time you come back to our website you can easily see all this information provided on the first "Welcome Home" page. All you need to do is just click on the big button below the block - Additional Infomation.

Dear customer, Building Intelligent Construction is your company of choice without a doubt because we always make sure every detail is carefully discussed. One of these important topics is the pricing system. We would like you to be sure of the number of financial resources you will invest in your future comfort.

Our employees are highly qualified, motivated, talented and work with great passion. Each of the team members has certificates for his skills and achievements. 

We strongly believe that a good partnership is based on honesty and fairness. That is the reason why we give you additional information about our services and pricing system below.

Thank you for your interest!
We hope to work successfully together!


Frequently Asked Questions & Details you Need To Know

  • Payment method
    It is supposed to be made upon receipt of invoice by credit/debit card, bank transfer or cash.

  • The minimum work time period:
    In order to provide excellent services, we need time. We believe in the quality of work. That is why there is a 1-hour minimum charge on hourly rate work.

  • Invoice:
    Your right, as a customer, is to have an invoice including a description of works. Plus, there will be information about work time, a breakdown of labour and materials.
    Invoices are digital because our building company is eco-friendly oriented.

  • Prices:
    We do not work with categorically fixed prices. Due to the fact that there are circumstances, which might have an effect on the final price, we professionally advise you to send a request for further and exact information.
    Circumstances appear in different aspects. For example, the time of the workday might reflect on the pricing system. Also, it depends on which day (a workday or a day off) a customer needs service. Another factor is the essence of the problem which has to be resolved (including duration of the work, needed materials, etc.)

  • Estimates: 

      For our loyal clients' estimates are free. They will be provided upon request.

      Insurance quotes and reports are chargeable at the hourly rate + Vat.

  • Materials:

      They are subject to VAT. The final calculation is made when we sum up the trade price and 12% mark up.

Details about Private Services:

An on-site visit and estimating service:
We believe in old-style meetings with clients where we can discuss every detail of the project and give them accurate advice for their project. Arrange a visit by our Construction Manager who will spend thirty minutes with you on-site and discuss, advise and help you estimate the cost of your construction work. Any appointments that last over thirty minutes are subject to a £90.00 charge per hour + VAT. By booking this appointment you agree to collaborate with us and provide us with all information that will help us do an accurate estimate calculation.

Out of office hour’s call back service:
Arrange a phone call out of office hours and we will gladly answer all your questions. We offer you 10 min free call back service.

Express Handyman service:
When you call an express handyman, you should be sure that all necessary materials for the work are provided if you are supplying them. The minimum appointment length is 1 hour charged at a rate of £130.00 + Vat.
We give you a special offer. If you need a handyman for an entire day the price is no more than £350.00 + Vat.

Call or email us with your enquiry for quotation.

Electrical service:
Electrical services are charged depending on some specifics such as time, day and duration of the working process.
There are no fixed prices because we take into consideration a lot of important questions that have to be discussed. We want you to be sure of every tinny detail. It is impossible to calculate and put into a frame a whole service. That is why we professionally advise you to send a request or to call us now.

We believe that problems have to be precisely discussed.
Send us a request TODAY. Do not wait until tomorrow.
Call us NOW. Live in comfort.

Plumbing service:
Plumbing services are charged depending on some specifics such as time, day and duration of the working process.
We strongly believe that there should be communication between the manager and the clients. Your right is to ask questions about topics, details and methods of work, so we encourage you to ask.
If you live in London and a plumbing problem occurs, Building Intelligent Construction will always help by proving excellent and quality work.

Call us NOW or send a request in order to get your special offer.
We will friendly suggest what is the best for you.
We are here to help in every situation.

Painting and decorating services:
Dear customer, these kinds of services are not with fixed prices because of their specifics. They are supposed to be discussed individually with each client. Be sure you chose the best solution for house painting and decorating needs, call us now and book a visit.

Call or email us with your enquiry for quotation.

You can find different kinds of private services when you choose to work with us. For a roofing service, you will be charged between £120.00 and £180.00 +vat per hour because of the specifics of the work and equipment need it.
Call or email us with your enquiry for quotation.


We provide well-done and quality work in all spheres of the building and construction industry. 

​Call or email us with your enquiry for quotation.


Call or email us with your enquiry for quotation.

Restoration and Bricklayer services:

Call or email us with your enquiry for quotation.

Commercial and Shop fitting services :

Call or email us with your enquiry for quotation.

Commercial and Residential Doff and Cold Cleaning:

Call or email us with your enquiry for quotation.

Extra Private Services by BIC Ltd

Based on our experience in the building and construction industry, we have managed to select some Extra services, which are extremely helpful for our customers. Firstly, when we say "Extra" it means that you have the opportunity to choose your own builders to work with, but the whole renovation process could need some extra professional support.

For example, customers might hire freelancers executing building and renovation services, and at the same time, observe the need of a project manager. That is the main reason we have created Customized Project Management as one of our Extra Private Services. 

Find more about the service below!

  • Customised Project Management is a private service provided by our company in order to satisfy completely customers' highest standards. 


    We plan, organise, monitor and professionally manage the whole process of work. 
    In other words, we create a structured plan and communicate every detail with employees who work on the project. We carefully discuss with the customer what they wants to be done. That's where your worries disappear thanks to our management system. 

    We keep a close watch on what is happening, what has already been done and what will have to be till the deadline provided. Plus, we have the role of mediators, which simply means that all your wishes will be communicated with the employees. 

    This management system could be a synonym of Well-Done Project without any worries. 

    Contact us for more information if it is needed. We are ready to help!

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