Mila Kunis: How to renovate a family kitchen. Paintings from Russia and giant cupboards

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I never realised famous Hollywood actress Mila Kunis migrated to LA from Ukraine. Her parents lived in the US most of their lives having supported Mila's passion for cinematography since childhood.  


Recently we received an email from Houzz with a beautifullu filmed video about how Mila said thanks to her parents by changing the look of their family kitchen. 


Previously old-school looking secluded kitchen turned into a light and spacious section of a large dining room with an open - plan table for quick meals and a big family dinner table surrounded by soft furniture in pastel shades. 


Before - Chef's kitchen with 'giant' cupboards


After - Chef's kitchen with a window and an open - plan table for quick meals



Lounge area and dad's favourite TV and sofa




Mila's new chandelier set the scene for the modern look of the space. Slim lines and gracious candle bulbs add extra cosiness and a touch of luxury to a family meeting dining room finished with aluminium decorative bowls. 


Dining table area 




Dining table area with a new chandelier. Keeping dad's favourite paintings brought from Russia 

Watch the full video here - tearful happiness and space filled with love 


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